Dear Members, associates and friends,

Attached you will find a copy of the July ‘Dates for the Diary’, and, as usual, a number of changes
have been made so please check to see what has been added, confirmed, moved or taken away. One
item that I will bring to your immediate attention is that the Cleobury Country Archers Heritage shoot
has had to be been cancelled this year – fingers crossed that it will be back on the calendar for next

New Club and Associate Members
On behalf of the club I would like to extend a huge warm (pardon the pun with the recent weather
we have been having) welcome to our new members and associate members. We hope you enjoy
being a member of our merry little band and shooting at our rather enviable facilities.

Grass Matting
Well haven’t we been busy little bees over the past month. Firstly an enormous thank you, to all
those who were able to help with the moving, organising and laying of the new grass mats at the
farm. And then a second thank you to those members that were able to help to turn the mats when it
was decided that they would be more comfortable down side up… It is always heartening to see
members’ willingness to lend a hand when improvement or maintenance work is required ~ thank

General Farm Activities
Please be aware that where we shoot is a working farm and, from time to time, contractors are
brought on site to undertake farm specific work. Whilst every effort is made for this work to be
carried out away from the clubs normal shooting time this is not always possible; this is due primarily
to the time constraints of some of the contractors. During such times please be mindful that shooting
might have to be put on hold whilst the work is being carried out; especially when it is in the vicinity
of the club shooting range. For example, the grazing meadow adjacent to the shooting range had to
be cut and the grass bailed, the contractor only had a short window in which to carry out this work
and his own time was limited to evenings. In circumstances like this safety is paramount and shooting
would have to be suspended ~ thank you for your help and understanding.

Big Weekend Event
Once again club members rallied to the call and supported the club as they hosted their first Archery
GB ‘Big Weekend’. The weekend was deemed to be an enormous success and provided some
excellent PR for the club. We opened our doors for two days and welcomed a number of visitors who
all had a shared single purpose for being there – to try archery. The positive feedback we received
from our visitors was very encouraging, comments like ‘well organised’, ‘amazing facilities’ and ‘a very
warm and friendly atmosphere’. For those of you who were able to help, give yourselves a pat on the
back, you did us proud. Although the money raised for the two days might be seen as small – £250,
the amount of interest shown in joining our beginners’ classes has been overwhelming; we have filled
our July course and have had to defer some people to the September course! This makes it a very
successful event.

Beginners Course
And, speaking of beginners courses… Our first session of the July course starts on Thursday 5th and
will commence at 6.30. We need as many people as possible to help with the setting up, running and
putting away as possible. So if you can get to the field for 6.00pm to help erect the targets that
would be very much appreciated. If you cannot make it to the field in time for the setting up but
would like to lend a hand with kitting out the new archers and supporting their first tentative steps
towards becoming Olympic champions, please come along as soon as you can. We can all remember
our first tentative steps as beginners and how awkward it was to first handle and shoot a bow; well
our new archers are no different. At Audco we have always prided ourselves on delivering our
beginners courses in a safe and supportive environment, where our beginners very quickly gain that
confidence and self-belief in their own ability to be able to ‘hit the side of a barn’ – and that
atmosphere can only be created with your support.
Gordon Austin / Don Fielder Memorial Shoot

This year’s Gordon Austin and Don Fielder memorial shoot will be held on Saturday 21st July, at Strine
Brook Farm. The two main trophies, which were donated to the club in memory of these two former
members, are competed for by recurve archers only. A junior cup, for recurves, has been running for
a couple of years and, because of the growth in recent years of different bow types, trophies were
introduced a couple of years ago for gents and ladies longbow. All bow styles are welcome and we
might even be able to find some medals for those categories where trophies are not available. We will
be shooting a Short Metric Round (Longbows will shoot a National Round): set-up at 10.30 – sighters
at 11.00 (ish) everybody welcome. If you are new to the club and want to dip your toes into the
murky waters of competition this is an ideal place to start. The shoot is held at our own shooting
ground, it is only open to club members – so you should know a lot of people – and it gives you a
benchmark from which to measure improvement ~ go on, give it a go
Architectural Heritage Competitions

Our seasoned club archers have once again made a very impressive start to this years series of
Architectural Heritage shoots, with many bringing home the tin and putting Audco Archers firmly on
the map; well done to all those that have won medals so far and good luck to us all for the future.
Speaking of the future, it will be Audco’s turn to host their round of the Heritage shoots on Sunday
12th August. This year we are hoping to run the event at Strine Brook Farm – where is the
‘Architectural’ bit in running it at the farm I here you ask, well… apart from a brick built structure on
the top of a ridge in the neighbouring farm, which is believed to date back to WWII, we are
struggling to find a structure worthy of being classified as of Architectural Heritage but our former
haunt – Longford Hall – has not been very responsive to our enquiries to hold the shoot there this
year – so brick structure it is. We are still in the relatively early stages of planning the logistics and
arrangements for the day, we are confident we can come together as one and make our shoot one of
the best on the calendar ~ watch this space…

Summer Postal Competition
This month we have got the July round of the summer postal sussed, all we do is submit our scores
from the Gordon Austin / Don Fielder shoot and the jobs a good-un ~ simples. We have entered one
compound, one recurve and one longbow team in the Selby Summer Postal competition. Compound
and recurve archers need to shoot a Short Metric round, that is 3 dozen arrows at 50mtrs and 3
dozen arrows at 30mtrs – 80cm face, 10 zone scoring and you record any X’s you hit. Longbow
archers shoot a National round, that is 4 dozen arrows at 60yds and 2 dozen arrows at 50yds –
122cm face, 5 zone scoring ~ as the National is an imperial round X’s are not applicable. So all you
have to do is come along, enjoy yourselves, maybe win some shiny trinkets and support the club in
the postal competition. All fully completed and signed scoresheets will be sent to Ian Chilcott (our
records officer) who, with the magic of logarithmic tables, will produce your handicap scores; oh the
magic of teamwork.

Audco in the Community
Audco Archers have now been an open club for 50 years and during that time we have always
supported local clubs and societies where we can ~ and we have a ‘we can’ opportunity coming up.
On Tuesday 10th July we will be hosting a have-a-go evening for the Gnosall Cubs; hopefully we
should get around 20-25 cubs. We understand that there should be at least three cub leaders, to help
keep the pack in order, but we will need some additional help from members on the day. In a former
life I used to be a Beaver Scout Leader and I can speak from first-hand experience about the
pleasure that these youngsters get from activities like archery, so I would like to think we can provide
the children with some exciting memories. We have arranged to run the event from 7.00 until 8.30pm
so, as usual, we need help setting up, coaching and putting away. We will be using the snake bows
and teaching them to shoot (kinda) barebow ~ oh and I might have forgot to mention that they are
paying guests.

Club Polo Shirts
Attached you will find a list detailing what we currently have in stock of the club shirts. These are the
traditional plain light blue ‘airtex’ poly/cotton polo shirts. Please see the attached document for sizes
and availability – again, if you are interested, please contact me.
Other stuff…
Back in stock are the club pin badges. These attractive badges measure 2.5cm in diameter and
complement the county badge quite nicely. They are, of course, exclusive to Audco and can be yours
for the princely sum of £1.50 each – please speak with me if you are interested.

Shropshire Archery Society has produced their own archery pin badge, which, of course, is exclusive
to Shropshire archers. The badge, which is made of die cast metal, is about 4cm tall and can be yours
for the very reasonable price of £3 each – please speak with me if you are interested.

Okay, that’s it for now – good luck and good shooting to all.

Kind regards
Paul Nelms
Secretary Audco Archers