Based in Newport, Shropshire. Audco Archers warmly welcomes all archers, regardless of standard and bow style.

Audco Archers started back in the mid 60’s. The name Audco comes from a valve manufacturing company that was based in the town until 1999, when the factory closed and production was relocated elsewhere. Back in 1869 William Scott Underhill built a factory to manufacture specialist valves for the chemical and oil industries.

Originally built in St Marys Street the factory was later relocated to Audley Avenue. In 1955 the company was bought by Serck and the business was renamed Serck Audco. The business was a major employer in the town and in the 1970’s employed nearly 1200 people. Like all big businesses of that era they provided a lot of facilities for their employee’s, one of which was a sports field, which was located directly across the road from their manufacturing plant. Three employees approached the management and asked if it would be possible to set-up an archery target on a disused part of the field, to which the management agreed. This was in the mid 1960’s – the men mowed a strip of grass, put a target at the end and so began Audco Archers.

The club continued to shoot on the original Audco sports field until around 2011 when the land was sold to a developer. The club has been a little nomadic for the last few years but have now found a permanent home at Strine Brook Farm.

Over the years the club has produced, and continues to produce, regional, national and international champions, all of whom we are particularly proud. However, the club is also a great place to make new friends, meet up with old friends and when you feel like it – shoot a few arrows. So, whatever you want out of a club we think you will find it at Audco.