Based in Newport, Shropshire. Audco Archers warmly welcomes all archers, regardless of their ability or bow style.

Back in 1869 William Scott Underhill built a factory in Newport (Shropshire) to manufacture specialist valves for the chemical and oil industries.

The original factory was built in St Marys Street but was later relocated to Audley Avenue. In 1955 the company was bought by Serck and the business was renamed Serck Audco. The business was a major employer in the town and in the 1970’s employed nearly 1200 people. Like all big businesses of that era they provided a number of facilities for their employee’s, one of which was a sports field; which was located directly across the road from their manufacturing plant in Audley Avenue. In the early 1960’s three employees approached the management and asked if it would be possible to erect an archery target on an underutilised part of the field, to which the management agreed. The men mowed a strip of grass, placed a target at one end and so began Audco Archers.

Originally the club was only open to Audco staff, or family members of Audco staff, which effectively made it a ‘closed’ club! However, after a short while it was realised that in order to grow the club they needed to extend their membership and invite people from outside of the Serck Audco business. So, in 1968 they opened their doors to other likeminded people who were interested in trying archery and so began the Audco Archers that we still have today.

The club continued to shoot on the original Audco sports field until 2011, when the land was sold for development. The club spent most of the following years shooting outdoors at Newport CE Junior School until, in 2017, an opportunity arose for them to move to their new home at Strine Brook Farm – which is located just off the A518, near to the Mere Park Garden Centre.

Over the past 50 years the club has produced a number of highly successful archers, some going on to achieve both national and international success. Audco Archers currently has a membership that stands at nearly 100 members and growing; with ages ranging from 8 to 80 (plus a bit)! Archery is a great sport and one that can be enjoyed by the whole family so, if archery is on your life’s ‘to-do list’ Audco Archers is a great place to tick that box.

The Future
As a club, we are not just looking back on past success, we are also actively and purposefully developing a very clear vision and plan of where we want to take the club in the future. We have strategically invested (and continue to invest) in people, equipment and infrastructure – we believe our future success is only limited by our imagination. So why not put 2068 in your diary and see what we got up to in the next 50 years ~ and there is nothing stopping you becoming part of that history.