We want all our members, associates and guests to enjoy our wonderful outdoor facility at Strine Brook Farm. Please be respectful and follow these rules for the benefit of yourself and your fellow archers.

Upon arrival:

  • If the gates are locked, open them and move your vehicle onto the parking area as quickly as possible. Make sure the entrance gate has been secured in the open position!
  • DO NOT park or wait on the Stafford Road (A518)
  • Be considerate when parking your vehicle in the car parking areas
  • Do not leave your vehicle unlocked whilst you are shooting
  • Vehicles are parked at their owners risk – neither the club nor the landowner accepts any responsibility for damage to or theft from vehicles parked on site
  • Children must be supervised at all times
  • Do not approach or feed the animals
  • Only guide dogs, supporting persons who are visually impaired, are permitted on site

Use of the facility:

  • Archery GB Rule 103:
    (a) “When any shooting is in progress there must be a minimum of two people present each being a minimum of 18 years of age, one of whom may be a non-archer to act as a lookout. The archer is responsible to inform the lookout of all safety aspects applicable. Where two adult archers are present and shooting together they will alternate on the shooting line so that the non-shooting archer can act as lookout”. (b) “Juniors. When junior archers (ie archers under 18) are shooting individually or in groups they must be supervised by an adult member (excluding honorary members) of Archery GB and a second adult must be present” (c) “On private land which is fenced all round, where the public has no legal right of access and with a warning notice displayed at all entrances and points of access, the following concessions may apply notwithstanding the provisions of 103(a) and (b) above: (i) Solo shooting by senior archers (ie archers 18 and over) is permitted. Any member shooting on their own is doing so at their own risk in respect of personal injuries. (ii) Provided that they are an adult member (excluding honorary members) of Archery GB, one parent/guardian alone may supervise his/her own child(ren)”Archery GB Rule 103

Any archers shooting, who do not abide by this rule do so at their own risk as you will NOT be covered by insurance.

  • All club members, associates and guests must sign in upon arrival
  • All club members and guests must remain within the designated areas
  • No guests are permitted to shoot on the field unless accompanied by either a club member or associate
  • Be aware, electric fences are used around the site – please ensure all children are made aware and that they are supervised at all times
  • All arrows MUST be found – including those landing outside of the shooting range
  • Please be aware that it is NOT the responsibility of the early archers to set all the targets out.
  • As you arrive, if there is not a target at the distance you want, or if the target at that distance is full, then it is up to you to organise and set up another target
  • When an archer has finished shooting on a particular target, if nobody else wants it they are responsible for putting it away
    What often happens is that the last 2 or 3 people have to put all the targets and equipment away which is patently unfair
  • A toilet has been provided for everyone’s use, please be considerate
  • Please take all litter home or place it in the bin provided
  • All club members, associates and guests must sign out upon departure

Line etiquette:

We are a large club and we are expanding all the time, to ensure we safely maximize our shooting time could all archers:

  • Observe line discipline in keeping behind the waiting / equipment line when not shooting. The waiting / equipment line will be at least 5 metres behind the shooting line
  • Move to the line promptly when a space becomes available at your chosen target
  • Avoid going to the line when all other archers have finished, or are nearly finished and ready to collect their arrows
  • Please ensure all bows and equipment are placed behind the equipment line when not in use
  • Please observe the Archery GB rules on etiquette whilst on the archery range
    We need to keep the line moving at all times, especially at the beginning and end of the outdoor season as daylight is short

Shooting, missing and arrow collection:

  •  Archers need to increase distance gradually and only move on when they are competent at the distance they are practising. This hopefully should avoid missing as much and spending a lot of the evening searching for arrows
  • When shooting a distance for the first time, for which you have no sight mark, ask another archer to watch you shoot and help spot where any misses go
  • When an arrow misses and is lost it is in everyone’s interest that it is found as quickly as possible; so can everyone assist in such circumstances
  • If a search for an arrow is unsuccessful after five minutes then the search will be stopped and resumed after the next end
  • If an arrow is still unfound as darkness falls, and before the target is removed, place a marker flag in the area you think the arrow might be, and then record the marker number on the sheet pinned up in the field shelter.

ALL arrows MUST be found as this is a condition of the lease agreement.

Last person to leave:

  • Make sure all target faces have been removed from bosses and returned to storage area
  • Make sure the shooting range has been cleared of any articles or obstacles liable to cause damage to equipment or injury to unsuspecting persons or animals
  • Make sure all inner gates are closed and locked where necessary
  • Make sure the entrance gate is closed and locked behind you

If any club members, associate members or guests have any ideas, suggestions or causes for concern please contact the club secretary or speak with a member of the club committee.


  • Arrows which are 100% carbon construction cannot be shot on the club field